ICF Accredited Diploma in Integrative Coaching
66 Hours of Accredited Coach Training. Learn, practice and gain valuable feedback on key skills and tools to help you become a Certified Coach.
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Advanced Diploma in Integrative Coaching
A complete Coach Training Programme providing you with over 143 hours of Coach Training and Mentoring
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Coaching Certificates
Online 2 Day Certificates in either Leadership, Wellbeing or Career Coaching
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Coaching Fundamentals
Free workshop to help you understand what coaching is and isn't, our integrative approach and ways to become a certified ICF coach.
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Coach Mentoring & Supervision
Mentoring and Supervision of your Coaching Practice. Suitable for CPD and ICF Accreditation Pathways
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Welcome to Become

We're a global team of coaches and mentors specialising in
ICF Coach Training & Leadership Development Programmes

Since 2014, Become have provided a range of tailored programmes to support your career and personal development. 

Our focus is in creating and delivering engaging programmes that truly support skill development and behavioural change. 

We do this through our group and bespoke programmes that include the leading ICF Coach Training Diploma in Integrative Coaching, our Leading People with Impact Workshops and our 1-1 Coaching or Mentoring Programmes.

Joseph Grech
Founder & ICF Course Leader

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Some of Our clients

The learning experience that Become Coaching & Training provide is in a class of its own.  Joseph’s expertise in this area is exemplary and he has a clear passion for learning and training others which is contagious.

As an HR professional who had taken a long career break, stepping back into a learning environment was daunting, but Joseph and his team could not have done more to support me, challenge me and help me rediscover myself and my love of learning.

Training with Become has been an absolute joy over the last 6 months.  I have acquired so many new skills, learnt so much about myself and had the opportunity to learn alongside some amazing people.


Irene Broomfield
ICF Trained Coach and Alumni of the Diploma in Integrative Coaching

Commonly Asked Questions about ICF Coach Training Programmes & Certifications

An ICF Accredited Programme is a Coach Training course of studies that has been approved by the International Coaching Federation. It provides you with the peace of mind that the programme has unquestioned credibility and has been vetted by the biggest awarding body for coaches worldwide.

The costs to obtain an ICF Certification vary depending on how many hours the training programme follows. To become an accredited coach you should look for ACSTH or ACTP training programme which provides you with a minimum of 60 hours of coach training. Most coach training programmes start at £2,250+vat and over and will include live classes and mentoring.

Yes, Become Coaching & Training Ltd. Is an ACSTH accredited training provider. This means that Become’s Coaching Programmes have been vetted by the ICF to meet their high standards of accreditation. To become an accredited training provider the ICF requires evidence of the coach training programme including how it brings the ICF Code of Ethics and Competencies to life. This is important for coaches as it provides a route towards accreditation leading to ACC, PCC or MCC status with the ICF.

This will vary depending on the type of ICF Coach training program that you embark on. Typically ICF programs provide either 60+ hours or 125+ hours. Most coach-trainees would complete a 60+ hour programme within 6 months (including assessments). It can take around a year for a trainee to complete a 125+ programme. This however varies on how much time you can also commit to the programme.

This is ultimately a personal question to answer. We think it’s important to have undergone a specific coach-training course of studies. Such a programme will not only equip you with the underlying coaching theory and ethical practice but also gives you the confidence to call yourself a professional coach. In addition, more individuals and organisations are becoming aware of the importance of working with coaches who are certified.

The underlying theory and practice within coaching is to a large degree the same whether a practitioner calls themselves a Life Coach or an Executive Coach. The main difference is more in relation to the clients that a coach would work with. A Life Coach would typically work more with individuals whilst an Executive Coach works with employees and within an organisational context.  Both coaches would typically work in a holistic way covering both life, work, career and other aspects that the client deem important.

You will need to renew your ICF Credentials every three years by providing evidence of your continued professional development. However, you will do not ‘lose’ your certification. Once you have completed a course of studies that is ICF approved then you can apply at any time with the ICF to become accredited.